Leisure Time of 1920's
  • Entertainment Personalities
In the 1920's there were famous stars like Louise Brooks (actress), Charlie Chaplin (actor), Clara Bow(actress), and Gloria Swanson (actress) and famous politcal people who either we know today like Martin Luther King Jr. Not only the stars and political people were known, but as well as famous gangster like Al Capone. There were famous athlete's like Babe Ruth who was the new face of baseball, Jack Dempsey (boxer),and Suzanne Lenglen (tennis). The most well known author in 1920's were F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote "The Great Gatsby". Albert Einstein (scientist) is well known for his intelligence and ability to overcome obstacles.

  • Movies
  1. Greed (1924)
  2. The Big Parade (1925)
  3. The Gold Rush (1925)
  4. The General (1927)

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  • Sports
  1. Babe Ruth
  2. Jack Dempsey
  3. Suzanne Lenglen
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  • Famous dead people
  1. 17-Aug-1920Ray Chapman a baseball player (Fatally hit by pitch)
  2. 14-Dec-1920George Gipp a football player(Win one for the Gipper)
  3. 14-Jun-1920Max Weber a sociologist (The Protestant Ethic)

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