1920’s aka. The Roaring 20’s
Before the 1920’s hit the american life was one of much change. The United States was seen for the first time as a world powerMany of the issues before the 1920’s are ones we face today: including the escalation of immigration and poverty, labor and monopoly battles, work safety and child labor problems.

The 1920’s were a time of great prosperity, the stock market was rising and the people of america were rich. The job opportunities during the 1920 were great and many people were employed and had no reason to worry about possibly losing their job. Much change happened during the 20's a new fassion called the "flapper" was introduced to the women of the time.

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  • First Olympic Winter Games
  • J. Edgar Hoover Appointed FBI Director
  • Leopold and Loeb Murder a Neighbor Out of Boredom
  • V.I. Lenin Dies