1950's on the homefront part 2!!

Welcome to the 1950’s home front!!!
NEW TECHNOLOGY (inventions, new discoveries, transportation)
v 1950- Paper Mate made it's first leak free ball point pen
v 1950- first copy machine was made
v 1951- the first 3D movies were produced
v 1951- Crick and watson made the dna structure
v 1953- Chevrolet Corvette becomes the first car to have a all-fiberglass body
v 1954- Polypropylene was invented
v 1955- Jonas Salk invented a polio vaccine which was given to more than seven million American students
v 1956- a solar powered wrist watch was invented
v 1957- russia launched the first satilight sputnik

Young teen boys of the 1950’s wore white T-shirts. Made popular by the late (and very very hot) James dean. He wore the ripped jeans with the white t-shirts and leather jackets in his movie rebel without a cause. So naturally many of the younger boys copied him. Girls were wearing long faired skirts that were so stiff from the starch that was used on them they would probably stand up on their own.

 Fifties teen clothes
Fifties teen clothes
Fifties Fashions
Fifties Fashions
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