1950's on the homefront part 2!!

Think pink!!!-(fads)
Pink was everywhere. There were pink bathrooms with accessories to match, pink cosmetics and of course, the ubiquitous pink poodle. And then there was Elvis with his famous pink Cadillac.
Pink - Fads - Fifties
Pink - Fads - Fifties

Paper shaker- cheerleader

Raunchy- Messy or gross in some other way
Razz my berries- Excite or impress me
Spaz- Someone who is uncoordinated. A klutz
Weed- a cigarette
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*Daily Life in America*

Women were the ones who had to cook and clean. They had dinner on the table before their husbands came home from work. That lets them know that their wives are concerned for their needs.
Divorce was not in question because of societal pressure for one thing. You were only to get married and stay married. Moms back then were younger than today’s. After dinner the WHOLE family would sit and watch TV. There was hardly anything back then. For an example there was no phones, no stereos, no video games, no MALLS, and NO COMPUTERS.