“On the Home front of the 1970's”

New Inventions Include:

1970- Floppy Disc
1971- Video Cassette
1972-Word Processor & The video game "Computer Space"
1975- Laser Printer & Microsoft founded
1978- 1st test tube baby was born
1979- Cell phones & Walkman
People got around in 1970 AMC Rebel Machine, 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler GT, 1970 Plymouth GTX, and 1970 Buick GSX Stage I. These cars came out in the 1970’s.


Fashion & Trends Include:
Bell-bottom pants, feathered hair, big sunglasses, Afros, roller skates, leisure suits, mood rings, oversized ric rac braid with false bib parts of blouses, Gypsy tops with drawn up necklines trimmed with bells and puffed sleeves, friendship bracelets

Toys & Fads Include:
Muscle cars, Star Wars action figures, Acupuncture,
Play-Doh, Mopeds, Earth Day, Primal Scream Therapy,
Lava Lamps, Bean Bag Chairs, Legos, Magic 8 Ball
Glitter, Glass Eating, Dashboard Hula Girls, Crayons, Pet Rocks,
Twister, Waterbeds, and Telephone Booth Stuffing

Language Slang:
Dynomite, Far Out, Right On, Groovy, Bitchin, Cat, Trippy
The Fuzz, Uptight, Hang 10, Keep On Truckin, Razz, Bummer
Gnarly, Funky, For Sure, Ding- Bat