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some 90's sayings->> Beast ~ My bad ~ Bangin ~ Crib ~ Crunk ~ Fresh~ watever

The 1990's decade was the Decade of Disasters, This was because lots of disasters happend during this time period. Earthquakes, Gulf War, and the Y2K BUG. This is also the decade of Discoverys. Scientists learned how to clone animals, and also released the Hubble Telescope. The 1990's was a very eye opening decade because technology did start getting better and people were finally able to learn new expiriences.

1. Computer manufactures make a small,” laptop”
2. Lech Walesa Becomes First President of Poland

3. 49ers lost linebackers Jim Fahnhorst and Riki Ellison to injuries
1. The Hubble space telescope sends back pictures of Saturn and Pluto ·
2.Collapse of the Soviet Union
3.The World Wide Web goes public
1. Kodak launches the photo C.D.
2.President George Bush suffers from nausea and throws up on the
Prime Minister of Japan

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