19 90's Leisure Time Page


lion_king.jpgThe Lion king was very popular in the 1990's, it's a
children's movie, but acceptable for all ages. Its very family related, and speaks out to younger ones to always stick with family. It showed a lot of confidence for kids, because simba who was the little lion had some obstacles he had to go through.

Barney was the greatest children’s television show that BARNEY.jpgplayed on PBS kids. He was a big purple dinosaur; who had friends BJ and baby bop join him. This television show broke out all through the US, and then all you saw was Barney toys, movies, cakes etc.

simpsons.jpgSimpsons, this is an America television show. Popular for the 90’s a little blunt for younger ones, More of an adult television show. Cartoon related and basically comedy, it became such a big hit, It's not just a show now, Theres movies, video games, and even posters.

Nsync was one of the hottest boys band around in the 90’s. nsync.jpgEveryone listened to them, including myself. They were an inspiration to all young ones, All the girls loved them, and all the guys wanted to be them. They were a hip hop/ Pop band and were awesofamous. They played all around the country and had millions of fans.