The 1990s U.S & World Page :)

U.S Presidents George_Bush.jpgBill_clinton.jpg
· George Bush-(1989-1993).

· Bill Clinton-(1993-2001).

U.S Vice Presidents Dan.jpgAl_Gore.jpg
· Dan Quayle-(1989-1993)

· Al Gore-(1993-2001)

First Ladies of the 90s B.jpgh.jpg
· Barbara Bush-(1989-1993)

· Hilary Clinton-(1993-2001)

Major Catastrophes

· (August 31, 1997) Princess Diana Killed in a car accident in Paris France


· (1995) Worst bombing in America in Oklahoma, killing over 100 people including 15 children

U.S Headlines
· (1998) John Glen takes last flight to space. He was the first person to orbit the earth.

· (1996) Bill Clinton was almost impeached for lying about a scandal he was involved in.